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Vulnerability, vulnerable definition

  • You can say someone is vulnerable if they are easily influenced or led astray, because they are lacking in wisdom or experience.
  • Able to be hurt or wounded or injured.
(Collins Plain English Dictionary)

Mental vulnerability

Throughout our life we are exposed to all kinds of situations and incidents. Some of these increase ones vulnerability. This means that one may find it emotionally difficult to handle a variety of situations in life. Our coping skills have either been diminished and/or have not been given the chance to develop.

Example 1

Imagine a person who has been in a serious road traffic accident this person may now feel vulnerable getting into a car, or even having anything to do with cars, accidents or injury. It is as if the person has lost some of their ability to cope.

Example 2

A person who has for whatever reason, not had the opportunity to learn how to deal with people. This could lead to being vulnerable in relationships and being very easily emotionally hurt.

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