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5. My relationships are going down

My relationships are going wrong

  • People just cannot seem to understand how I think these days and often they will try to convince me that there is something wrong with my logic.
  • I used to like being with people, now I am worried about being with them. I prefer to avoid them. I feel less able to keep up contacts. Although I want to keep up my contacts, I am unable to have a conversation because sometimes I do not know what I want to say.
  • I don't really trust people like I used to. Sometimes I feel that they are all part of a plot against me/talking about me.
  • My family/friends say I have changed over the past few months, but what they think does not really bother me much these days.
  • People really get on my nerves lately Ė why donít they just leave me alone and push off!
  • My boss/teachers have been complaining about my work Ė I canít understand why.

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