Checklist Risk Factors
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1. My drive and interest are changing

  • I feel pretty disinterested in just about everything lately. I cannot seem to get on with things the way I used to.
  • I just canít seem to make up my mind about anything these days. I never had difficulties like this before.
  • I feel tired all the time Ė I just canít be bothered to make food and I even have to force myself to wash. Lately I canít be bothered to get out of bed and my friends tell me the place looks like a rubbish tip.
  • Nothing gives me very much pleasure lately - I feel disinterested most of the time even about things I used to like.
  • I couldnít care what I eat these days, and I think sometimes I donít eat anything for quite a while, but Iím just not hungry. I may be losing weight.
  • Previously, I could cope well with difficult tasks in my work/ in school and also with my appearance or housekeeping but now, without any clear reason, I am beginning to mess up here.

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